5 Ways to Beat the Banks Interest Rate


Tip #1. Learn to complete an "Assignments of Contract"
An Assignment of Contract is simply getting a property under contract for an amount that is less than its retail value. As an example, lets say a property, after it has been repaired, is worth $100,000. Let's also assume that the property needs $20,000 in repairs in order to sell it for the $100,000 purchase price.

Assuming the numbers above are true, you would attempt to get this property under contract for approximately $55,000 and sell it for $60k or $65k. Often, only about $100 (one hundred dollars) to $1,000 (one thousand dollars) is needed to get a property under contract. This deposit is always refundable to you. After getting the property under contract you will then sell your contract to a buyer whom will complete the task of fixing up the property and then living in it or selling it.



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